Dang shen (Chinese) Codonopsis pilosula

Nourishing Strength

Codonopsis is known to nourish the immune system and help with the maintenance of proper immune responses. Codonopsis can help the body prevent full-blown infections by aiding the immune system in its job to keep invading pathogens, like viruses, under control before they start causing you problems!

  • Regulates Immune system
  • Adaptogen, increases resistance to stress
  • Relieves fatigue and tension 
  • Boosts energy and endurance
  • Enhances breast milk nourishment and production

Codonopsis (Codonopsis pilosula) is a plant native to Northeast China and the root is the most commonly used part. These roots are typically harvested in autumn when aerial parts have died back and the plant’s energy is concentrated underground. 

Nourishing Mamas and Babies

As a common food herb, Codonopsis is used in many Asian dishes due to the abundant healing and nourishing properties found in the root. Traditionally, Codonopsis has been given to mamas to decrease excessive uterine bleeding and to enhance breast milk production, which helps build strong blood in both baby and mama. It is thought that Codonopsis nourishes the blood by encouraging the production of red blood cells, particularly hemoglobin. This blood building leads to stronger bodies for babies and mamas. And the blood-building action of Codonopsis can also lead to more elastin in skin and hair follicles. Mama, this means healthy, radiant skin and hair!   

Could Improve Immune Function and Boost Energy

Codonopsis is also celebrated for its immune-boosting benefits, and this boost is thought to extend to overall energy and mental clarity. The immune enhancement as a result of regular consumption of Codonopsis happens, in part, from compounds found in the root called polysaccharides. These compounds can assist the body with maintaining balance in the T-cells of the immune system. These cells are extremely important to proper immune function and help the immune system adapt and create immune responses that target particular pathogens. In essence, Codonopsis can help the body prevent full-blown infections by aiding the immune system in its job to keep invading pathogens (like viruses) under control. 

May Support Lung Health

Codonopsis is also known to moisten dry lung conditions and help expel excessive congestion in the lungs and sinuses while also easing asthma attacks. Traditional herbal systems use this remedy to assist those with chronic illnesses that cause weakness, fatigue, and loss of appetite and there has been much interest in using Codonopsis in the treatment of various cancers.

Could Help You Handle Stress 

It’s well documented that stress can lead to a long list of health complications with negative impacts on things like digestion, sleep, liver function and overall cellular health. Codonopsis is well known as an adaptogen, which means this herb helps the body handle stress with fewer hits on our overall health, allowing you to adapt to stressful situations with more ease and grace. It essentially strengthens our overall health, in tern allowing us to adapt to times of stress without 

Basically, this botanical has you covered in so many essential ways, Mama! It’s like having a capable, wise caretaker with you every step of the way.  

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Dang shen (Chinese) Codonopsis pilosula