Lemon Balm
(Melissa Officinalis)


Lemon Balm is commonly used to relieve depression, relax anxiety, soothe irritability, and improve digestion. It’s bright, lemony compounds soothe nervous tension and bring a refreshing burst of joy to a mama’s frazzled system. It’s like a joyful hug from a friend! 

  •       Uplifting
  •       Calming 
  •       Soothes Digestion
  •       Boosts Immunity


Lemon Balm (Melissa Officinalis), lovingly referred to as “your friend, Melissa,” is a hearty, lemon-scented plant in the mint family known for lifting the spirits (just like the company of a good friend!). This lovely herb is frequently found in gardens throughout the world. It has a rich history of use in many botanical medicine traditions from a wide variety of cultures. 

Overall Go-to Herb 

Many herbalists consider Lemon Balm to be a bright, sunny companion relied on for a wide variety of ailments. Its gentle nature and ability to soothe and harmonize important systems in the body like digestive, circulatory, nervous, and immune make this a common go-to herb for both novice herb students and seasoned professionals alike. Lemon Balm’s refreshing fragrance and flavor of soft lemon make it delicious as a single herb remedy or as an addition to any herbal formula. Children of all ages (even mamas!) delight in rubbing the leaves of Lemon Balm in the garden to release the magical aromas found within.

Known to Brighten Mood and Soothe Anxiety

Lemon balm has a rich history of use as a general mood brightener for relieving both anxious and depressed states. It’s commonly used to assist with overall relaxation of nervous tension. Some more modern reports claim that Lemon Balm works with the brain to keep GABA, a feel good amino acid, circulating and soothing for longer periods of time. Reports of Lemon Balm’s ability to enhance cognitive function are likely connected to it’s support of GABA, which calms and quiets the brain. Kind of like sending the kids outside so you can hear yourself think! 

Could Improve Digestive Strength

It is frequently found in formulas created to improve digestive function and ease uncomfortable symptoms such as gas, bloating, and indigestion. This is an extremely important action because a strong digestive system creates the foundation for physical, mental, and energetic health. Empirical evidence and current research show that in small-to-moderate doses Lemon Balm induces a calm, pleasant state immediately upon ingestion. This calm state can play an important role in proper digestive function. Our enteric nervous system lines the digestive system from the esophagus to the stomach, to the intestines, and beyond. When we are in a relaxed state during mealtimes, every digestive organ can function more optimally. This, in turn, assists in improving overall health. 

May Boost Immune Function

Additionally, Lemon Balm is prized for its gentle, yet powerful effect on the immune system. This herb is a common go-to to ease viral outbreaks of herpes simplex. It is often included in remedies used to treat other viruses such as colds and flu. Studies suggest that Lemon Balm can improve the health of cell walls and assist in an overall healthy immune response in the presence of potential infections. This support is further enhanced by the herb’s antioxidant effects. 

Compounds found in Lemon Balm have also been shown to promote gentle sweating during fevers. This cools the body and brings relief from discomfort. This herb’s reputation for positive effects on overall health makes it a wonderful tonic herb that can offer benefits in a wide variety of circumstances and is of particular interest during cold and flu season.

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(Melissa Officinalis)