Oat Seed
(Avena sativa)


The milky seed of the oat plant has deeply restorative properties and is commonly given for a frazzled, exhausted nervous system. This gentle, yet powerful plant is often used to quiet the fight-or-flight response, soothing stress and anxiety. It’s like mama’s milk for mamas! 

  •       Nerve tonic
  •       Alterative
  •       Antidepressant
  •       Rejuvenative

Oat Seed (Avena sativa), also known as Milky Oats, is a premier tonic for the nervous system. After oat plants flower, they produce a milky sap in their seeds before the seed hardening. Oat seed extract is made using fresh oat seeds harvested during this milky stage. As a botanical remedy, oat seed has a long-standing history of use for acute and chronic issues involving the nervous system. It is regarded as a safe and gentle herbal supplement. Just as whole oats nourish our bodies with deep nutrition, the extract of milky oat seed provides deep nourishment to our frazzled and weary nervous systems. This remedy will leave you sighing with relief as you tackle cleaning up the oatmeal your toddler just smeared all over your new couch and the meltdowns that occur when you tell your children that screen time is over. 🙂

Could Soothe Stress and Anxiety

Milky oat tincture is known to ease the experience of stress, anxiety, panic disorders, and insomnia. It even supports the body in healing damage to nerves. The soothing nature of the milky sap of the oat plant makes it an indispensable remedy for our fast-paced, modern lives. In traditional herbal systems, the use of milky oat extracts is indicated for use during times of pronounced stress to ease all the side effects that come with this all too common modern state of being. Modern herbalists often recommend the regular use of oat seed tincture to promote a parasympathetic state – an overall experience of calm, relaxation in the body. Many studies have explored the damaging effects of consistent fight-or-flight experiences, and oat seed is known to provide great relief here. 

May Repair Nervous System 

Another important note on the benefits of milky oats is the plant’s ability to repair damage to the myelin sheath surrounding our nervous system. The myelin sheath is an insulating layer made of fats and protein that wraps the nerves in our body, including the spine and brain. This important coating on our nerves allows for the quick and efficient communication of electrical impulses in our bodies. Several chronic conditions, such as muscular sclerosis (MS), damage the myelin sheath. Reports indicate that people suffering from chronic conditions experience an increase in discomfort during times of stress. Oat seed is well indicated for use with individuals with impairment or degradation to the myelin sheath. 

Deep Nourishment

It’s also important to make note of the deep nourishment found in oat straw, a classic tea ingredient. Many herbalists and midwives recommend daily tea infusions that include oat straw due to the plants’ dense nutrient content. Infusions of oat straw are rich in minerals and trace nutrients like calcium, magnesium, silica, phosphorus, chromium, and iron. Many report improvements in skin, hair, and nail health as a result of regularly drinking oat straw tea. 

Therapeutic Power

Research has shown milky oat extracts have powerful therapeutic actions such as antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, wound-healing, immunomodulatory, antidiabetic, and anticholesterolemic actions. These reported effects from oat seed extract make it an excellent botanical for soothing the stress of modern life. 

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